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Independence of Cuenca Holiday – November 3, 2022

Independence of Cuenca Holiday takes place on November 3. Ecuador commemorates Cuenca’s independence as a national holiday. This holiday honors the city of Cuenca’s declaration of independence on this day in 1820. Cuenca was once one of the country’s most important cities during the colonial period. On November 3, 1820, Cuenca declared independence from Spain, dubbed ‘Independencia de Cuenca’ by locals. Cuenca declared independence from Spanish authority before the rest of the country, joining Guayaquil and Quito to establish Ecuador’s territory.

History of Independence of Cuenca Holiday

In 1809, Quito was the first Latin American city to declare independence. That failed attempt paved the way for the nationalist movement that would later engulf Central and South America. Guayaquil declared independence from Spain more than a decade later, on October 9, 1820, as part of the Ecuadorian War of Independence, making it the first city to do so.

On November 3, 1820, Cuenca, the commercial capital of the southern highlands, declared independence. The remaining parts of Ecuador would celebrate independence after victory in the Battle of Pichincha on May 24, 1822. Cuenca was designated as the capital of one of the nascent republic’s three provinces. Guayaquil and Quito are the other two capitals.

Cuenca is Ecuador’s third-largest city and the headquarters of the province of Azuay. Due to its many historical buildings, the city’s historic center has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cuenca, as expected for a national holiday, is the epicenter of festivities, with parades, dancing, and parties. Visiting Cuenca on its independence day allows you to enjoy fireworks displays, food festivals, sporting events, and nighttime concerts.

It also allows you to learn about this city, which has been designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In the downtown area, you can take a tour of the old colonial Spanish structures. It’s also worth going to the (Inter-American Center for Crafts and Popular Arts). Artists from all around Latin America attend this annual fair, which is held by the Tomebamba River.

Independence of Cuenca Holiday timeline

8060 B.C.
The Region’s First Inhabitants Arrive

The earliest inhabitants enter modern-day Cuenca.

Cuenca is Founded

Spanish explorer, Gil Ramírez Dávalos, names Cuenca on April 12.

Quito Gains Independence

Quito's declaration of independence makes it the first Latin American city to achieve the feat.

Guayaquil Gains Independence

On October 9, Guayaquil declares its independence.

Cuenca Gains Independence

Cuenca declares independence from Spanish rule on November 3.

Independence of Cuenca Holiday FAQs

How do Ecuadorians celebrate the Day of the Dead?

In Ecuador, the Day of the Dead traditions include candlelight vigils or trips to cemeteries on behalf of the deceased’s family and/or friends, who bring presents like flowers and food. Ecuadorians pay their respects to relatives who have passed away.

What is Christmas called in Ecuador?

Christmas Day, also known as La Navidad in Ecuador, is less crowded than the night before. On Noche Buena, most people sleep in after a late night of partying. There is usually a smaller family gathering in the afternoon with food, alcohol, and, yes, more music and dancing.

Why do Ecuadorians drink colada morada?

Indigenous peoples in Ecuador’s mountain ranges welcome the rainy season by honoring their departed ancestors. They drink the Colada Morada as a symbol of a pleasant passage from life to death. For the same reason, they exhume their dead and drink this traditional drink with them.

Independence of Cuenca Holiday Activities

  1. Visit the CIDAP Art Fair

    Handicrafts, pottery, woodwork, ceramics, textiles, and other crafts from South American artisans are on show in the museum. Local crafts are available for purchase in the gift shop, which is also a great spot to pick up souvenirs.

  2. Enjoy street food

    Cuenca's street food, including grilled sausages, pork sandwiches, and fruits on sticks, is also available. Don't forget to try the local alcoholic cocktail ‘canelazo,’ which is mixed with cinnamon and local fruits.

  3. Learn more about Ecuadorian culture

    Ecuadorian culture is a blend of indigenous practices and European colonial influences, owing to the country's long and varied history. Almost everyone in Ecuador is of mixed ethnicity, which has resulted in cultural diversity along with distinct customs and traditions around the country.

5 Fun Facts About Ecuador

  1. Rights of nature

    Ecuador beats other countries in recognizing the rights of nature.

  2. The Incan empire

    Ecuador was once a part of the Inca Empire.

  3. Touch the stars

    Ecuador happens to be the closest nation to space.

  4. Early start

    Ecuador has some of the world's first UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  5. Sacred ground

    The equator passes through Ecuador.

Why We Love Independence of Cuenca Holiday

  1. A diverse culture

    It's a country that, thanks to its diverse culture and biodiversity, will attract anyone. Indigenous practices and European influences have made Ecuador a fantastic place to visit.

  2. Beautiful cities

    From its tropical beaches to volcanoes, stunning landscapes, and historical towns, Ecuador offers a tempting slice of South America. The coast has world-famous beaches, and due to Ecuador's equatorial location, it is always warm.

  3. Celebrating independence

    All men deserve to be free from oppression and tyranny. This observance is a celebration of liberation and honors the memory of those who laid down their lives for the freedom of others.

Independence of Cuenca Holiday dates

2022November 3Thursday
2023November 3Friday
2024November 3Sunday
2025November 3Monday
2026November 3Tuesday

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