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Hospital Admitting Clerks Day – April 7, 2023

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day is observed on the first Friday in April every year and takes place on April 7 this year. While they may not be as popular and prominent as the doctors and nurses in a hospital, hospital admitting clerks are also frontline workers. They are often the first workers hospital visitors see and talk to, as their main responsibilities include welcoming clients, gathering the needed personal information, creating or updating medical records, and explaining symptoms and conditions to the medical staff on duty. While the actual origin of this annual day is unknown, it is largely believed that Hospital Admitting Clerks Day has been observed as early as 2003.

History of Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day has been observed for almost 20 years to recognize and applaud the wonderful service of hospital admitting clerks. Whenever you visit the hospital, the first person you’ll most likely meet is the hospital admitting clerk. While they’re mostly unappreciated and snubbed by entrants, these warm and welcoming officers diligently work round-the-clock to keep the administration of our hospitals running.

Hospital admitting clerks are the ones who greet and welcome patients and also process them for admission. They must ask patients questions and ensure that they correctly fill out the required paperwork for admission. They may have to transfer patients’ medical records to the hospital’s database on the computer and also update patient records over time. They are also responsible for protecting patients’ information, medical records and insurance, and keeping all personal healthcare information confidential.

Hospital admitting clerks may also make and receive phone calls, call insurances to collect copayments, and explain financial obligations to patients. In other situations, they may also calm worried family and friends of admitted patients, and perform every other duty to douse the panic that may occur in a hospital. They’re also the ones who see patients on their way out and arrange their subsequent appointments.

The administrative duties of hospital admitting clerks are far from being fun. Rather, they usually are overworked and overwhelmed, and worse, they’re not as recognized as other hospital workers. This is why we observe Hospital Admitting Clerks Day to the wonderful workers who oversee our hospital admission and make it hassle-free.

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day timeline

460 B.C.
“The Father of Medicine”

Hippocrates II, known as “the Father of Medicine”, is born in Kos, Ancient Greece.

Rewriting the Hippocratic Oath

A popular version of the Hippocratic Oath is written in Koine Greek with a Latin translation.

Peter Pan’s Copyright

Peter Pan’s author, Sir James Matthew Barrie gives the copyright of his children’s book to a children’s hospital to help with funding it.

Danny Thomas Opens a Hospital

Actor Danny Thomas opens St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in front of 9,000 people in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day FAQs

What does an admitting clerk do in a hospital?

Hospital admitting clerks are the first point of contact in the hospital. They register and admit patients to the hospital. It’s also an admitting clerk’s responsibility to interview patients to obtain necessary medical and financial information, transfer written records to computers, verify details, arrange doctor appointments, and also complete registration forms.

What do admitting clerks wear?

An admitting clerk’s typical outfit usually includes a dress shirt, slacks or khaki pants, and sneakers or dress shoes. It’s important to avoid wearing casuals like jeans, sandals, crop tops, cargo pants, and other clothing items considered unbefitting for a professional workplace.

What do I need to become an admitting clerk?

If you aim to become a hospital admitting clerk, you’ll need at least a high school certificate. Most times, you won’t need a tertiary education. However, a certificate program in medical information technology, computer literacy, adequate knowledge of medical vocabulary, customer service, and organizational skills will give you an extra edge.

How to Observe Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

  1. Walk in and thank them in person

    The best way to honor these diligent workers on this day is to visit the hospital and thank them in person for their service. To make the day special, think about simple, kind gestures like giving them a bunch of flowers, with a card wishing them a happy “Hospital Admitting Clerk Day.” They don’t often receive such gestures, so get ready to see some genuine smiles and a few tears of joy on their faces.

  2. Throw a thank-you party

    You may speak with the management of health organizations in your locality about organizing a special thank-you party on this day for their hospital admitting clerks. If you can, you may also contact companies and corporate bodies in your community, such as coffee shops, restaurants, and gift shops, to promote and sponsor this holiday in honor of these amazing workers.

  3. Share on social media

    When you visit your local hospital, take pictures with the admitting clerk and post the photo on social media by using the hashtag #HospitalAdmittingClerksDay. Don’t forget to share a short caption about the hospital admitting clerk to go with the pictures to celebrate these dogged workers.


  1. Not religiously affiliated

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, known for treating children with cancer and other life-threatening ailments, is not a religious organization but was founded by actor Danny Thomas who vowed to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes.

  2. Born in a hospital

    Jimmy Carter was the first president to be born in a hospital.

  3. Freelancing from home

    A Philadelphian woman sued the Temple University Hospital in 1976 claiming that she lost her psychic powers during a CAT scan, and received $988,000 in compensation in 1986.

  4. Kids hate clowns

    Research to improve hospital design featuring 250 children shows that every single one feared or disliked clowns.

  5. Breweries in hospitals

    German hospitals used to have breweries where patients would get a beer at bedtime.

Why Hospital Admitting Clerks Day is Important

  1. It celebrates the underappreciated

    Even though admitting clerks handle every administrative task to keep everything in good working order in the hospital, they’re mostly unrewarded. Many of them work tirelessly through their shifts with smiling faces, handling various tasks to keep everything flowing smoothly throughout the day. This day acknowledges and honors the admitting clerks who are the backbone of hospital administration.

  2. It’s a day to show gratitude

    Hospital admitting clerks are frontline workers who dedicate their lives and terms to seeing others smile, even through their own pain. This day is dedicated to appreciating these wonderful people for everything they do to keep our hospitals running and the patients happy.

  3. It compensates diligent service

    Even though we rarely notice them or remember their names like the doctors and nurses, hospital admitting clerks work meticulously and committedly, regardless. Since admitting clerks always work hard to put us at ease and make our hospital visit stress-free, they also deserve their flowers on this special day.

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day dates

2022April 1Friday
2023April 7Friday
2024April 5Friday
2025April 4Friday
2026April 3Friday

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