December 17th Holidays

December 17 is the 351st day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the first Saturnalis festival was celebrated in Rome, the first issue of Vogue was published, and the United States Air Force closed its Project Blue Book study of UFOs. Famous birthdays include Pope Francis, Sarah Paulson, and Milla Jovovich. December 17 also marks National Maple Syrup Day.

We have 5 holidays listed for December 17.


National Maple Syrup Day

Maine might have its lobsters, but Vermont has its maple syrup.


National Ugly Sweater Day

One thing's for sure — this holiday will certainly have you laughing all day long!


Canadian Maple Syrup Day

It is time to enjoy some smooth, silky, and sweet maple syrup!


National Device Appreciation Day

An opportunity to appreciate the devices that help us lead our lives.


Wright Brother's Day

The day commemorates the first successful flights in a mechanically propelled airplane.