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40 Last Minute Gifts For Mom

You’re on the clock, we’re on the gifts; No time to waste.

A mother’s love is immeasurable, her sacrifices are unquantifiable, and her efforts invaluable. It would be awesome to spend every day celebrating moms and what they have had to go through for us: the times we got on their last nerve, the times they had to yell decibels around the house to get everyone (including dad) in line. Thankfully, there are a few days around the year dedicated to moms; some are to moms around the world, and others are more specific to our moms. Still, every occasion is a reason to get mom a gift.

From simple flowers to massive crowns, everything bought for mom is laced with love and therefore is special. We have gathered some of the most awesome gift ideas for you to choose from. Time may not be on your side but we definitely are. Check them out.

Our Top 3 Picks


Mom Blanket
Best letter to reach mom’s heart.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Mom


You know how mothers are always trying to get the last word in, especially when it’s in the ‘I Love You’ section of the phone call or after tucking you in bed; well here’s a way to get the upper hand. This glossy finished mug is a way to end that conversation in your favor. It can be personalized which means you can put your name right after the heart. As she drinks tea in the cold Christmas weather, she’ll remember your love and that you won the duel. Get it from Etsy

 Mom Blanket

Better than words of affirmation, this blanket speaks volumes. This blanket is uniquely designed like a letter to expressly express love. Made of microfiber polyester, this super soft fluffy throw blanket is sure to send a warm message. It is super light and doesn’t shed. It is such a ‘mom’ gift. Get it from Amazon

 Scented Candle

Christmas and candles go together like snow and snow fights. If you’re getting a scented candle for mom this Christmas, make it a funny one. It is a lavender-scented soy candle. With a 50-hour burn time, it is perfect for warmth and aromatherapy. When you’re down to her last nerve, this gift will put a fiery smile on her face. Get it from Amazon

 Artificial Rose Flower

The Christmas season is filled with decorations and gifts. Try this glass-domed artificial rose flower. The flower is surrounded by LED lights, which are powered by batteries. It is easy to clean and comes in different colors. Roses are red, violets are blue; get it for mom and something that rhymes with ‘blue.’ Get it from Amazon

 Butterfly Suncatcher Wind Chime

This Amazon’s-Choice gift just screams home décor. Better still, it comes with a heart-shaped pendant hanging from it, carrying the words, “I Love You Mom.” This piece is made of electroplated silver and zircon. It can hang anywhere in the house, from the living room to the front yard. Get it from Amazon

 Candleholder Statue

Here’s another quick and decorative way to express your love for mom this Christmas. You think mom, you think love and that’s just what this candle holder showcases. This statue of a mom holding her daughter is designed with heart-shaped holes to let the glow spread. It comes with LED lights, which mimic candle flames and are powered by batteries so you don’t have to bother about it catching on fire. Mom will treasure this for life. Get it from Amazon

 Gift Basket

So you still haven’t been able to decide and time is running out. Don’t get her one thing; get the entire pack. This package has a tumbler, bath bomb, scented candle, funny socks, and more. Now you don’t have to choose what you think she’d like. This Christmas, she deserves it all. It’s super affordable too so what’s your excuse? Get it from Amazon

 Personalized Silky Pajamas

Maybe she’s not your mom but she’s a mom, likely a new mom; try these super sweet stylish silk pajamas. The two-piece satin silk set is made of polyester and it is ah-mazingly comfy. It also comes with an option to inscribe a monogram, just for that extra special personal feel. Get it from Etsy

 Moon Lamp

Just look at this beauty; need we say more? This 3D-printed moon lamp is printed with real moon images. It features a wooden stand and a built-in LED light. The USB feature means you can charge it and use it for several hours. You could also change the color of the moon with a remote or by touch. How cool is that? This Christmas, mom might just hang up the moon instead of a star. Wouldn’t that be nice? Get it from Etsy

Plant Gift

This one is ultimately the most unique on this list, Plants inspire positivity and cheerfulness. In addition to the two live succulents, it comes in a beautiful ceramic pot with a bamboo tray. It comes with the option of adding a greeting card. This little plant is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face this Christmas. Get it from Etsy


Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Mom


This beautiful 18k gold-plated piece of jewelry is a stunning way to show love to mom. With personalization options of up to 256 letters, the handmade necklace can carry whatever initials or words you request. You could get it in gold, silver, or rose gold and with your preferred length. It’s a classic birthday gift, and affordable too. Get it from Etsy

 Cotton Cap

Now, this is a cool mom cap, especially fit for soccer moms. This handmade beauty is a ‘one size fits most’ but comes with an easily adjustable brass buckle. A low-profile cotton cap, it is embroidered with the word ‘mom’. You can get it in a plethora of colors including mango and olive. Get it from Etsy

Preserved Rose and Necklace

No, it is not a rubber rose. That is a real fresh rose preserved to be eternal. This gift comes with an “I Love You” heart-shaped necklace, written in 100 languages. The case is also good for storing other jewelry. What better way to show love than with this beauty? Get it from Amazon


With up to 1000 characters available for personalization, this 14k gold-filled bracelet is a golden way to show mom just how much you treasure her. In gold, silver, or rose, this handmade bracelet is an affordable yet classy piece of jewelry. Get it from Etsy

Wooden Photo Frame

Perhaps the most personalized item on this list, this simple wooden piece carries whatever picture of mom you want as well as her name. It also includes a back-stand so it rests fine on any flat surface. It is perfect for work desks, tabletops, shelf tops, and more. This is one gift she’ll want by her bedside. Get it from Etsy

Night Light

More than just a plaque-looking thingy, this heart-shaped gift made of wood and glass LED lights, beams a warm glow around wherever it is plugged. The lights have up to a 50-hour lifespan. The real catch here comes in personalization. You can have names, and dates of up to 256 characters engraved on it. Whatever you choose will light up the room and her heart. Get it from Etsy 

Oil Perfume

You know how women like to dab perfumes around their wrists and neck when they’re heading out; here’s a way to reinforce that culture. This ‘Arabian vanilla’ piece of elegance is not only alcohol-free but also oil-based and fitting for vegan use. It also comes in different sizes. The vanilla scent is so good, you’d want to be a banana. Get it from Etsy

Flower Globe

A super endearing way to show love to mom is this personalized flower globe. The leaves and flowers are natural and dried. Personalization features allow you to put a message of 40 characters max on the glass globe. It will serve as a symbol of the undying beauty and love she has shown over the years. Get it from Etsy

Personalized Magic Box

What’s better than a candle holder, or lantern? Answer:  a magic box that displays the text you want in warm lights with heart-shaped glows. The wooden box is cut to project whatever you choose with 38 characters max. In a dark room, just light up the candle that comes with the package and watch as the magic unfolds. It is exquisite; a super romantic way to say happy birthday to her. Get it from Etsy

Name Ring

Moms love everything jewelry; they love to show it off to whoever has two ears. That’s what makes this gift so appealing. The personalization has a maximum of 8 letters so you either go for her name or initials. In gold, silver, or rose gold, let the ring say whatever you want it to. Get it from Etsy


Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom

Mama Sweatshirt

Simple as it looks, it is sure to make mama super proud. This sweatshirt is made of fine cotton and polyester. It also comes in colors we didn’t even know were colors like sand and forest. It also has personalization options so you can write in exactly what you want for mama; absolutely perfect for mother’s day. Get it from Etsy

Tote Bag

Mothers go everywhere with lots of stuff. About the only thing you won’t find in mom’s bag is a kitchen sink. This tote bag provides enough depth in one compartment for multiple items and well as a small phone pocket inside. It is made of sturdy hand washable canvas. If she’s carrying a lot of stuff, she might as well carry it in style. Get it from Amazon

Personalized Slippers

Mother’s day is a super special one every year dedicated to celebrating mothers all over the world. So treat yours to a spa-like experience with these personalized faux fur slippers. It is super soft and comes in a range of sizes and colors. It is the perfect gift for her one day off as a mother. Get it from Etsy 

Fleece Robe

This gift is the perfect gift for her to lounge about mother’s day. A personalized fleece bathrobe with a hoodie, it is the ultimate pampering gift for a hardworking mom.  It comes in a range of colors, sizes, and personalization options. Have her name inscribed with embroidery in front or behind. Cozy and plush is the way to go. Get it from Etsy

Bath Bomb

Amazon’s choice for Bath-bomb has to be on our list for mother’s day. You can show mom just how explosive your love for her is. Mother’s day should be the one day when she is taken care of. Hence, aromatherapy is definitely a contender here. With seven different aromas including lavender, vanilla, and tea, this gift set is sure to give mom the long refreshing relaxation she needs on her day. Get it from Amazon

Personalized Plaque

This is one, which will last a lifetime. With so many personalization options, this plaque comes in birch wood, cherry wood, and acrylic. Plus, if it’s a gift by more than one person, it can be customized to carry the names of up to 12 people who want to say something special to mom. Handmade and crafted with love, this is a super fitting mother’s day present. Get it from Etsy

Mom Journal

Moms are constantly planning on one thing or the other and at times, details get lost in thought. This notebook is a way for her to keep track of things: shopping lists, kids’ stuff, whom to call. 118 pages of wood-free paper and a beautiful, durable cover are worth every penny. Get it from Etsy

Mitt Glove

If you have ever had the displeasure of handling a metal tray straight out of the oven with your bare hands, you would appreciate both mom and this item much more. This linen kitchen mitt is a must-have for moms in the kitchen. It is highly absorbent and durable. If the kitchen is color-coded, you’re in luck; choose a color that fits her style. Get it from Etsy

Facial Mask

Depending on how many you want to buy for mom, this is the cheapest on the list. Facial treatment is important to women so what better way to celebrate mother’s day than to give mom a facial treatment? This moisturizing and cooling mask has impressive qualities including anti-inflammatory and reduction of wrinkle lines. For what it’s worth, it is a steal. Get it from Etsy

Herringbone Bracelet

Brace yourself for this one. Slim and elegant as can be, it is made of stainless steel and then filled with 18k gold. You can get it in gold or silver too. It is not called the snake chain for nothing. The length of it beautifully wraps at least twice around the wrist; one chain, twice the class. Get it from Etsy


Last Minute Gifts For Mom (General)

Monogram Purse

Never in the history of ever have women had enough of purses. There’s always more to be had and that makes this a fitting gift all year round. It is made from multiple kinds of leather and has compartments for cards. Personalization options allow you to inscribe her initials in gold, silver, copper, or rose gold. It also comes in an array of colors and is good on a budget. Get it from Etsy

Personalized Beach Bag

This large capacity monogrammed bag accommodates items as big as laptops, books, and lunch boxes. The design comes with a cushion at the bottom to better protect the items stored inside. It has an inner zipper and a waterproof lining. It is suitable for beaches, weddings and even work. Personalize it with the first letter of mom’s initials to make it extra special. Get it from Etsy

Leafy Mama Aprons

Here’s to the ultimate chef in the house, probably the only chef; a gift to make her feel super special. It is made of cotton and polyester and has a beautiful ‘mama’ logo in the middle of a leafy design. It also comes in a good number of colors. Take this one seriously. Your nutrition depends on it. Get it from Etsy

Wife Mom Boss Leggings

This one will especially appeal to young or sporty moms. The exquisite black and white design carry the text: “Wife Mom Boss.” They’re incredible for high-caliber workouts while still being soft and comfy. Made of polyester, Lycra, and spandex, they give an absolute chic-like feel. Yeah, mom can still rock. Get it from Etsy

Bow Floral Headband

Has there ever been a wrong time to rock a headband? No, not ever. This hair accessory is just a perfect blend of style and confidence. It is handmade with satin, fabric, elastic band, and leatherette. Select a color, and get mom looking trendy. Get it from Etsy

Wall Art for Kitchen

For absolutely no reason and tagged to no occasion at all, this is something you should get for mom. She likely spends an awful lot of time in the kitchen so it is a unique, decorative and lovely way to appreciate her efforts. It is made of steel and black dye matte. You can also choose one of two fonts; whichever seems more to your liking. Get it from Etsy

Hair Bonnet

This is an ultimate lifesaver; ask any woman. The hair bonnet protects the hair from breakage and helps retain moisture. It is made of satin and has a range of secondary colors you can choose from and it is reversible too. The band around the edge ensures it stays on tight. Just get it already. Get it from Etsy

Turkish Towels

These 100% cotton towels are the stuff of comfort and style. It can serve a plethora of purposes from the beach to yoga, picnic to hand towels.  These towels are handmade in different colors. Select embroidery and it instantly becomes personalized. You can have her name written on it. Moms will totally love them. Get it from Etsy

Cool Moms Sweatshirt

Add your mom to the cool moms club with this awesome sweatshirt. Half cotton and half polyester, this sweatshirt is designed for maximum comfort while keeping the wearer fashionable and cool. It comes in sports gray, sand and more colors than we care to mention. Get it from Etsy


Perhaps the cheapest on the list, it is a major contender for the most endearing gift. This keychain carries the heartfelt message of every child. It is made of stainless steel and stamped with an invaluable message. You might even see her get teary eyes. Get it from Amazon